• Insure that all tool and/or part specifications are complete and that full understanding of customer's requirements and specifications are understood and adhered to by the offshore supplier.
  • All data transfers are in compatible format and have been forwarded complete to the offshore supplier.
  • Check sheets for all pertinent details are filled out by the offshore supplier/Four Corners Engineering and forwarded to the customer.
  • All tooling designs are approved by the customer.
  • Sample parts are forwarded to the customer for approval. Sample parts can be run using customer's material, if requested.
  • First piece inspection reports, steel inspections, histograms, statistics and support of tryouts at off-shore supplier.
  • Support of tryouts at the customer's US facility as requested.
  • Four Corners Engineering in the role of a Manufacturing Engineer will utilize specification sheets, check sheets, quality reports and customer to supplier engineering liaison to support the start-up/tooling process and make every effort to fail-safe the process of purchasing and qualifying offshore parts and tooling.
  • Match parts/tools to the best offshore supplier.
  • Multiple quotes all manufacturing projects/tooling as required to meet customer cost targets.
  • Insure that customer requirements such as press size, process, hot runner systems, tool steels, tool components and inch requirements are properly costed and, if required, comparable pricing for off-shore components and processes are provided.
  • Continuous improvement is a way of life for everyone at Four Corners Engineering. Suggestions to improve quality, manufacturability and reduce costs will be provided for the customer's consideration at the initial quote.
  • Quote turnaround (5) days or less.
  • Timelines provided on a weekly basis.
  • Digital photos of mold progress provided as requested by the customer
  • Overnight response on all questions, concerns or changes
  • English speaking engineers and designers available for easy communication by Phone, Fax and Email
  • Shipping will be by the best way to meet customer's delivery and cost requirements
  • Shipping by sea - 4 to 5 weeks.
  • Shipping by air - 2 weeks